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Bad Leaders are the Shithole Countries

We have started talking about the 2019 Election which I cannot stop pondering the way our so called leaders take us for in this country in leading a nation. we have seen all kind of conflicts with aggrieved party members for assailing in politics from the inception of APC victory to the presidency. when we…
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Nigerian leaders failure

  Year after year, Nigerians witness several empty promises from political parties and politicians. And when they are finally voted in, they forget their promises and instead sharpen their utensils in order to have a large share of the national cake. For how long shall we be deceived with this stomach infrastructure scheme? We don’t…
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Awo, please help, Nigeria is crumbling!

Dear Awo, Good morning, Asiwaju omo Oduduwa. I’m sure a letter from an unknown fledgling like me is the least of your expectations in your celestial abode. I think a letter from Alhaji Lateef Jakande, the Baba Kekere himself, would’ve been a more plausible expectation. Why has Baba Kekere not written you? I guess the…
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Will President Buhari Resign?

  With the removal of President Robert Mugabe, the resignation of Jacob Zuma of South Africa, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, one wonders if Africa is experiencing a peaceful revolution that is motivated by the show of frustration by the people. Nigeria seems to be experiencing a repressive leadership under President Buhari while still regarded…
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