Bad Leaders are the Shithole Countries

Bad Leaders are the Shithole Countries

We have started talking about the 2019 Election which I cannot stop pondering the way our so called leaders take us for in this country in leading a nation. we have seen all kind of conflicts with aggrieved party members for assailing in politics from the inception of APC victory to the presidency. when we have to start talking about the positive impact the Government has done to the country, I can tell there is not to be reckoned that the people have benefited from and the people cannot proud of saying any. now they have started planning for another election. why are our leaders behaving fool themselves without regret been an elder of the country?

It is a disgrace to begin anticipating another election when your people cannot be proud of the Government. suffering hardship with insurgency and the poor economy is the major issue in the country for the Government have not made life easy for the people. I think it is high time they have to start telling you leaders the truth and fact about your doing. I cannot imagine All Progressive Congress (APC) Held a meeting in the UK for the purpose of reconciling aggrieved members of the party for the success in the coming 2019 general elections. For President Buhari to have assigned Mr Bola Tinbu as Chairman Reconciliation Committee of the party in a pursue to regain power in the Government, of what success are you looking forward to another election when the people are not happy in your Government.

Is this not a shame after all sort of agitation within the party all in the name of giving privilege for one individual to be in a position. we have seen from the time of democracy in the country how unsettle parties and leaders in position agitating for a seat, still is for the motivation behind plundering similarly as the way the Nigeria leaders in the past have done. Now Mr president can calm his selfish interest to retain the power in order to do more harm to the nation for more suffering and hardship by appointing Mr Tinbu as Chairman Reconciliation Committee. We all know Mr Bola Tinbu is an election mafia leader and a behemoth to make things work in their way of fishing gear when it comes to the election. As we all know and have seen in our nation how an election is been conducted with rigging, bribery and hoodlums enforcement to the polling place which is the result of our nation today. are we now planning for another do or die affair election we have always been experiencing?

During election time we have seen how people are been manipulated and persuade for a vote, with bribery from godfather to manipulate vote with sharing of money and foods to pleased the people. who are we to blame or call fool? should we say the people acting to be smart enough to take advantage of the election or the party bearer to sponsor election with malpractices leading the nation to shithole, are we not the fault of our nation? we have seen how foolish some people are saying is the time of election we benefit from parties and candidates.

Only the people can be the change to make our country a better place, not the leaders, let say no to fake leaders, corruptions and bribery which is the root cause of our shithole country.

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